OMG 2 OTT Release Date: Fans Demand Uncut Version Of Pankaj Tripathi And Akshay Kumar Starrer

Iraa Paul
Iraa Paul
Updated on Oct 03, 2023, 12:30 IST- 6 min read

OMG 2, starring Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, finds its home on OTT following an extremely successful run at the box office.

The movie creates a memorable cinematic experience by fusing humor with serious issues.

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Where To Watch OMG 2?

OMG 2 will release on Netflix.

When To Watch OMG 2?

The film will release on 8th October.

Speaking to OMG 2 coming on Netflix, "Akshay Kumar shares as per a press release, "We are thrilled by the enthusiastic reception OMG 2 has received in theatres! This story deserves to travel far and beyond borders and we are confident that with Netflix we will be able to take the film to entertainment lovers around the world. Hope that our labour of love continues to spread joy"

Fans demand OMG 2 uncut version

?As?Netflix?announced the release date, fans commented saying that they want the film’s uncut version.? ?

For those who don't know, Amit Rai confirmed that the movie will be made available on OTT without any editing despite his "heartbreak" over the movie's A certificate.

In an interview with news agency PTI, Amit said, "We were heartbroken because we made the film for everyone to watch, now that cannot happen. We begged them to give us a U/A certificate (children below 12 years of age can watch a film under parental guidance) but they didn't. We tried to convince them till the very end... But then they walked some distance, we walked some distance. The film has been released with modifications..."

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Amit added, "We are happy people have loved the film. The intent of the film was pure. Nobody wanted to titillate the audience, hence they liked it. We have dealt with it (the story) in a way that doesn't sound vulgar. We talk about the reality, but in a sweet and humorous way."

OMG 2 A Certificate

The CBFC board had problems with OMG 2 earlier. According to a report, the movie was looked at in light of objections made about the June release of Adipurush, which starred Prabhas. After weeks of rumors, the film was finally handed an A certificate with 27 cuts. The creators reportedly also asked for a UA certificate because their video addresses sex education and aims to educate youngsters. They ultimately had to accept an A certificate in order to release the film into theaters.

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