What Is The New 'Monk Mode' Trend On Social Media? Here's All You Need To Know

Updated on Oct 03, 2023, 11:00 IST- 3 min read
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If you've spent any time on TikTok, you've probably seen a few examples of the whirling maelstrom of topics that people continue to make videos about.

It's fairly simple: someone makes a video about something that quickly goes viral, and everyone follows suit. One of the most current trends is the realisation of how much men think about the Roman Empire on a daily basis.

What is the new trend of 'Monk Mode' all about?

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Sometimes one tendency leads to another, such as ladies asking what their counterpart of thinking about the?Roman?Empire is. Among the numerous trends on TikTok is something known as 'monk?mode,' which has amassed tens of millions of views on the platform and is driving users away from social media. So, what's the deal with this habit??

Simply put, it is eliminating all distractions from your life so that you may devote yourself to a certain job, with the goal of significantly increasing your productivity.

That involves getting rid of anything that can induce you to procrastinate, and one of the main targets of the 'monk mode' trend is being on social media.?

Consider how much time you spend on social media and how many times you've spent browsing through post after post of things you're not particularly interested in only to realise an hour has passed.

If you've ever set your phone down and thought about how much more you could have accomplished in a day if you'd avoided social media, the proponents of 'monk mode' are definitely looking for you.

How does it work?

Don't worry; no one is expecting you to start wearing a robe or growing a bald spot in order to rid yourself of distractions. Other lifestyle adjustments that 'monk mode' supporters claim to make include changing their diets, giving up sex, and limiting the number of times they go out.?

Of course, since this is TikTok, a fast search of #monkmode on the site will provide videos with nearly 70 million views between them, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of content creators all vying for your attention.?

Many of them are attempting to sell 'monk mode' as part of the grind to generate large sums of money by focusing solely on one activity and disregarding everything else.?

However, as one commentator on one of the many 'monk mode' films doing the rounds on TikTok pointed out, 'mindless social media consumption helped me to watch this video'.

Other TikTok video creators have also argued against the trend's virtues, claiming that the long periods of solitude demanded by the fad were taxing on them. Some people who have joined the fad have tried it for months at a time, and although some say it has revolutionised their lives, others aren't so sure.

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