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Chandrayaan-3 Shares New Stunning Images Of The Moon
India | 1653 Episodes ?Updated 1 month agoChandrayaan-3 Shares New Stunning Images Of The Moon

These images of the moon are breathtaking and truly groundbreaking. As Chandrayaan-3 gets closer to landing on the moon ISRO today released pictures of the Vikram lander determining the landing site.

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dubai women entrepreneurs

Dubai champions women entrepreneurs, recognizing their significant contributions. With initiatives like the Dubai Business Women Council and dedicated support networks, women entrepreneurs thrive. Their achievements span diverse sectors, from tech startups to hospitality ventures. Dubai's inclusive policies and mentorship programs foster innovation and economic growth, offering aspiring women entrepreneurs a world of opportunities. It's not just gender equality; it's economic empowerment, making Dubai a beacon for women in business. #Dubai #BusinessinDubai #BusinessDubai

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Tired of extreme narratives about the LGBTQIA+ community in India? With Spectrum, Indiatimes will bridge the gap between simplistic outlooks on the community and the ones that discount us. By pushing the boundaries of what it means to be queer in 21st century India, Spectrum is a safe space in the making that will deliver educational content while highlighting everyday tales of queerness from within the community.

Sometimes we look at things, think a little and wonder why? Well, we are here to tell you all about everything you have ever wondered about.

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