What is IQOS?

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IQOS makes use of a battery-operated system that heats tobacco sticks named HEETS, which are accessible in many flavours. The sticks are also sold under cigarette brands Marlboro and Parliament in some countries.]2 IQOS heats the tobacco up to 350°C, in contrast to 600 °C in cigarettes, and for that reason, in accordance to PMI there is no “combustion, hearth, ash, or smoke” and “the ranges of harmful substances are substantially decreased in contrast to cigarette smoke”.3 A subsequent peer reviewed study, making use of PMI’s medical data, concluded that IQOS was “not detectably different” from cigarettes, in phrases of likely hazardous consequences.45 PMI publishes its possess evidence on IQOS on its PMI Science site.

Item Innovation
PMI has a second HTP item underneath advancement, known as TEEPS, which uses a carbon heat supply to heat the tobacco sticks.7 The business has alleged that this merchandise is nearer to the seem and truly feel of a conventional cigarette than IQOS. eight PMI executed a “small scale city test” of TEEPS in the Dominican Republic in December 2017, and intended to “consumer test” the merchandise in late 2020.910 As of June 2021, TEEPS did not but show up to be on the market place.7

Marketplaces and Launches

Heated Tobacco Goods: Philip Morris Intercontinental, Tobacco Methods, up-to-date 04 March 2022, accessed 09 September 2022.
What is IQOS?
Item Innovation
Marketplaces and Launches
Market place authorisation in the US
Promoted in lower revenue countries
Advertising in the course of Covid-19 pandemic
Shut IQOS Merchants In the British isles
IQOS consumers
Advertising IQOS and “Smoke-Free”
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Impression 1: PMI’s IQOS and HEETS tobacco sticks (Source: Screengrab from british isles.iqos.com, 15 June 2021)

PMI’s flagship heated tobacco merchandise (HTP), named IQOS, was initial trialled in Milan (Italy), and then Nagoya (Japan) in 2014.one

What is IQOS?
IQOS employs a battery-operated device that heats tobacco sticks known as HEETS, which are accessible in a number of flavours. The sticks are also offered underneath cigarette brand names Marlboro and Parliament in some international locations.]2 IQOS heats the tobacco up to 350°C, when compared to 600 °C in cigarettes, and as a result, according to PMI there is no “combustion, fireplace, ash, or smoke” and “the amounts of damaging chemical compounds are considerably lowered in comparison to cigarette smoke”.three A subsequent peer reviewed review, using PMI’s scientific information, concluded that IQOS was “not detectably different” from cigarettes, in conditions of possible damaging outcomes.45 PMI publishes its possess proof on IQOS on its PMI Science website.

PMI also sells e-cigarettes (also recognized as an electronic nicotine delivery systems, or Ends) beneath the IQOS brand name, known as IQOS Mesh. There is evidence that the company has conflated the two items.six For specifics see IQOS: Use, “switching” and “quitting”.

For much more data on IQOS Mesh and before products see E-cigarettes: Philip Morris Global
Solution Innovation
In 2019, PMI introduced brand extensions IQOS Multi and IQOS Duo (see image 1).two

PMI has a next HTP item beneath growth, named TEEPS, which employs a carbon warmth supply to heat the tobacco sticks.seven The firm has alleged that this solution is closer to the seem and come to feel of a standard cigarette than IQOS. eight PMI conducted a “small scale metropolis test” of TEEPS in the Dominican Republic in December 2017, and supposed to “consumer test” the merchandise in late 2020.910 As of June 2021, TEEPS did not yet show up to be on the marketplace.7

In February 2021, PMI declared to buyers that it planned to launch another unit afterwards in the yr referred to as IQOS ILUMA.211

For much more details, such as other companies’ HTPs, see Heated Tobacco Products.
Marketplaces and Launches
Following very first launching in 2014, by 2016 IQOS accounted for ninety nine% of the world-wide HTP market place, in accordance to Euromonitor information.12 Even though competition increased in subsequent years, IQOS ongoing to keep by far the premier share

Market authorisation in the US
By the conclude of 2019 IQOS was available in at least forty seven markets, like the United States (US).4 This followed authorisation from the US Foodstuff and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) to launch the product on the US marketplace, which PMI had applied for in 2017.fourteen fifteen PMI launched IQOS in the US in 2019, at first in Atlanta, Ga.sixteen In July 2020, it was noted that Altria was also selling IQOS in Richmond (Virginia) and Charlotte (North Carolina), with plans to roll out to four more US towns in the pursuing eighteen months.

Marketed in reduce cash flow nations around the world
PMI has primarily bought IQOS in substantial revenue nations around the world. However, it is also ever more marketing its goods in reduced income nations (see Graphic 2). Although not formally launched, there is evidence that IQOS was offered in 2018 in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, explained by PMI as “key markets”. 41819 PMI indicated that it intended to formally launch IQOS in the Philippines in the 2nd quarter of 2020, matter to conference “some regulatory and authorized requirements”

Advertising during Covid-19 pandemic
In the course of 2020, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, PMI’s IQOS launches ongoing. In July 2020, it introduced in Georgia.22 In the Philippines, the solution initial went on sale on the internet and in some impartial retail stores in April 2020, with IQOS shops opening in Manila in September and October.232425 In Oct, PMI also introduced that it had launched in Jordan, although the precise timing and mother nature of the start was unclear.2326 In 2020, Jordan had the world’s highest cigarette smoking costs, and was noted to have experienced a big volume of tobacco business interference, like by PMI.27 For much more info see the Jap Mediterranean Region webpage.

PMI formally released IQOS in Costa Rica in Oct.28 PMI explained that this took their whole variety of IQOS marketplaces to sixty one, “of which fifty percent are outdoors the OECD”.23 IQOS was presently available in Mexico, even though, after substantial lobbying, the business unsuccessful to get the Mexican government to approve its import or advertising there.2930

The Australian authorities also ongoing to reject the product, as effectively as e-cigarettes. heets cigarettes in usa For a lot more info see Heated Tobacco Products

In accordance to PMI, by the conclude of 2020, IQOS was “commercialised” in 64 markets.231IQOS is not nevertheless on sale in Indonesia, PMI’s greatest marketplace for cigarettes

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